Touching Paris vow renewal at the Eiffel Tower

Paris Vow Renewal

Touching Paris vow renewal at the Eiffel Tower

This was a most touching Paris vow renewal at the Eiffel Tower, on a gorgeous mid-September morning. Colleen and Jason live in southern California and have been married 20 years. They own an operate an event company, and they had their marriage ceremony at the courthouse back in 1999. They are one of the original online love stories, having bonded over their love of music in a chat room. Colleen, originally from Canada, met Jason and it sounds like it was truly love at first sight! Like most couples, and life in general, there have been challenges. The most serious being Colleen’s health. Diabetic since she was young, she was in need of a kidney transplant, and received a new organ just last year. Through the extreme difficulty of being in the hospital, having to have dialysis for 10 years, and the blessing and stress that comes along with an organ transplant, Colleen and Jason’s relationship became even stronger and deeper. I first spoke to Colleen on the phone from her home in southern California, and she was delightful. She told me she and Jason would be traveling to Paris in September, after they visited London, and would love to renew their vows with a view of the Eiffel Tower. Colleen told me it wouldn’t be the first time they’d renewed their vows, they did so also in Maui and in Ireland. As a couple, they feel it helps keep them connected and grounded to what’s important to renew their vows every so often, which I think is an absolutely lovely gesture. Colleen and Jason chose a Saturday for their vow renewal, and they wished to have a ceremony with a nice view of the Eiffel Tower. Afterward, we would go for a beautiful Paris photo session to celebrate their Paris vow renewal. I couldn’t wait to meet them! Finally, the day arrived, absolutely gorgeous. Sunny, and mild, and when I saw Colleen from across the way in her (original) wedding gown I was floored. First, that she still fit into her original wedding gown (most of us don’t!) and that it was such a timeless and elegant gown. Jason was super sharp and handsome in a black suit and tie. The first thing I noticed about them both was their easygoing manner and their kind faces, full of life and energy. This energy and zest for life absolutely radiated off of them. I also met Rev Michelle Wahlia, from Ruffled By Grace, an American officiant in Paris. Speaking of sunlight, Michelle is like a sunbeam wherever she goes. Exceedingly positive and friendly, she crafts a meaningful and personal vow renewal ceremony. Also joining this day was Camilla Radford Furman, a very talented violinist from the United States, who lives in Paris. We were all set to have an amazing vow renewal in Paris!

Trocadero Gardens are a wonderful place for a vow renewal

Colleen and Jason selected the Trocadero Gardens for their Paris vow renewal. We had beautiful filtered sunlight for the ceremony. Rev Wahila was friendly and spoke of the bond between a husband and wife, and the beauty and sanctity of marriage. She also interjected very personal bits from Colleen and Jason’s lives, which the couple had shared with her, making for an extremely personal vow renewal ceremony. Camilla serenaded the couple with the most divine music, including the French classic La Vie en Rose. Love that song! As the Paris photographer for this Paris vow renewal, I photographed the couple from multiple angles and tried not to listen too intently, because when I do I get emotional. I love love! In Paris, no less, what could be more amazing that being part of Colleen and Jason’s love story? A small part, yes, but a part. It’s so humbling and I’m so grateful. Colleen and Jason exchanged rings they’d purchased in Paris to symbolize their never-ending love, they kissed, and were married again, complete with a cider toast. After a few more photos at Trocadero, we went to the riverside to get a close-up view of the Eiffel Tower, the most famous monument in the world.

Vow renewal photo session in the Tuileries Gardens and Louvre, with a quick stop at the Pont Alexandre

September is a gorgeous time of year to be in Paris. The height of the summer tourist season is over, the weather is generally mild, and the gardens look their best. I captured Colleen and Jason at the grand Pont Alexandre (Bridge of Alexandre III), with its gold statues, it just screams out regal. Then onto the Tuileries Gardens for some very romantic photographs and then on to the magnificent Louvre Museum. The famous Louvre glass pyramid and courtyards are a dream land for Paris couples photography. Colleen and Jason were elegant beyond belief, but not only that, but playful and so loving to each other. Every single time they looked at each other I could see the intense love in their eyes. It was sweet, it was endearing, it was touching, and it certainly touched me. Professional portraits in Paris is a whole bunch of fun, but can get tiring too. Who knew modeling could be so draining, right? After several hours around Paris the final magic was to happen at one of my favorite restaurants, Chez Julien, in the Marais. They have an elegant terrace where Colleen and Jason were able to sip champagne, celebrate their vow renewal in Paris, and relax. Cheers to Colleen and Jason on 20 beautiful years of love, tenderness, care and teamwork. To go through life with someone you love so much is truly a blessing, and I know they are so happy to have found each other all those years ago.

CONGRATULATIONS to you both! How about you, would you love to renew your vows in Paris like Colleen and Jason? To create a magnificent memory to carry with you for years to come? Marriage can be hard, celebrate your love, there’s no better place to do it than Paris! Learn more about my Paris vow renewal photography packages here.



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