Wedding Photography in Paris

It’s the dream of so many to have their wedding photography in Paris at the Eiffel Tower. As a Paris wedding and engagement photographer, I like to make people’s dreams come true! I’ve become a bit of a Paris surprise proposal expert, and I’ve photographed many engaged couples as well, as well as couples celebrating honeymoons, vow renewals, birthdays and anniversaries. But to date I haven’t done a ton of Paris wedding photography, but that was all about to change

Cloudy but pretty

It was a cloudy, yet pretty day at the Eiffel Tower when I met Chen Man and her husband in the early morning. Early mornings are the absolute best for Eiffel Tower photography, before too many tourists arrive. Chen and her husband are visiting Paris for the first time from China. Did you know Paris has more visitors from China each year than any other country? I didn’t either, but it’s true, Paris is fortunate to have so many visitors from China. They bring a special charm and elegance to Paris with them.

I thought they were models

When I first moved full-time to Paris four years’ ago, I’d be running along the Seine River, near Notre Dame Cathedral, and each day I’d see brides and grooms from China posing at the river side for wedding photography. I thought they were models, in fact, I thought every day they were shooting for a magazine, as these couples were so gorgeous. Later, I learned that no, these aren’t models, but real people who came all the way from China to do a pre or post-wedding photo shoot in their wedding attire, set against the grandeur of Paris. I’d always wanted to photograph one of those lovely couples, and today was my lucky day!

Beautiful lady, beautiful couple

Chen Man is absolutely beautiful, her skin like fine porcelain. She for sure could be a model! She and her husband have been married for a year, but they took this occasion of visiting Paris to create some lovely marriage memories at the Eiffel Tower. She brought along a beautiful white gown with a drop dead gorgeous back, and a pretty half veil, which highlighted her delicate features.

Her husband wore a smart, colorful suit. They were lovely and kind, and a pleasure to work with, definitely a Paris photo session to remember!

Check out the images from this Paris wedding photos session below, and if you’d like to book your own wedding photo shoot at the Eiffel Tower or anywhere else in Paris, please contact me at to discuss.


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