The Honeymooners Come to Paris

Brianna and Damien were fresh off their wedding in stunning Positano, Italy! The newleyweds were passing through Paris on their extended honeymoon and I had the absolute pleasure and joy to photograph them set against one of the most romantic landmarks in all the world, the Eiffel Tower!

Brianna’s dress was to die for! Traditional sleeves on the right side, in delicate lace, and the left side showed off her amazing neckline. Damien was super handsome in his suit, and his smile lit up the entire Eiffel Tower area, I swear.

Bring in the Balloons

A lot of honeymoon couples opt to include props like balloons into their photo shoot, not every shot includes them, but we added in some pink and white balloons, which looked beautiful against Brianna’s white gown.

The Fountains of Trocadero

Being that is is now summer, the fountains of Trocadero are now in full force. They’re so lovely, and I incorporated this water feature into a lot of the images. I think a couple in love with the mirage of water droplets can look extremely romantic.

It’s True Love!

Brianna and Damien live in Los Angeles and met while students at USC. He was studying sociology, while Brianna was studying psychology.

I was so happy to meet this couple and have the honor of photographing them. They are deeply in love, and deeply suited to each other, a match made in heaven!

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