A Fairytale in Paris

I don’t know how else to describe this Paris wedding photo session except to say that it was like a fairytale, with a real-life prince and princess.

Ellie and Ankush live in Japan, and had been to Paris before. Married a year, they wanted to celebrate their anniversary with a wedding photo shoot in Paris. Their goal was to visit various parts of the city and capture their deep love for each other, all the while dressed gorgeously.

The weather was really iffy, and made us nervous. Okay, well it made me nervous. The forecast was for an 80% chance of rain, up to an inch, and heavy winds. I asked the couple if they’d like to reschedule, but they decided to go ahead, and if need be, use umbrellas. Even though it rains in Paris a lot, umbrellas can actually be very charming.

As it turns out, when we started we had some drizzle, but throughout the three hours we spent together in the morning, the rain held off, this was good news indeed!

A tour of Paris

We started at the Grand Dame of them all, the Eiffel Tower. The most popular spot for Paris Eiffel Tower photography by far is the Trocadero area. I know this area like the back of my hand, and now that spring is here, I take advantage of every blooming flower and every blooming tree to add color to the often drab Paris sky. We’re blessed in Paris to have some wonderful blooming trees. If you like the color pink, you’re in luck, as there is a lot of pink in Paris.

From the Trocadero area, we made our way to the second prettiest bridge in Paris, Bir Hakeim (the first, in my opinion, is Pont Alexandre). Despite the challenges of morning traffic, the bridge was beautiful as ever and I love to play with perspective here and get wide, sweeping shots of the bridge and the Eiffel Tower behind it.

Off to the park!

After our Eiffel Tower portion of our photo session was completed, I asked the couple where they’d like to go. They indicated that they’d love to do some photographs by Notre Dame Cathedral and the river nearby. This thrilled me to no end, as I love this area best of Paris. So scenic! On the way, I had an epiphany. Trees. Blooming pink trees. Where? In a beautiful little square just a short distance from Notre Dame, that not too many people photograph, but is relentlessly charming. It’s called Place Dauphine.

This little park this time of year is brimming with pink trees. On this soft light day, the images of this absolutely stunning couple at Place Dauphine, would make my heart melt. The combination of the trees and charming architecture, complete with cute Parisian bicycle, was a treat for this Paris photographer!

On to Notre Dame

Ellie’s gown was absolutely gorgeous. With a lace up back and intricate beading on the train, it was a joy to photograph. Ankush was very handsome in his suit, and the colors were amazing. We then visited the park behind the cathedral of Notre Dame, one of my favorite spots, and then the bridge called Pont l’Archeveche, for a sweeping panoramic view of the back of the church. Then, we walked down to the Seine river, for some gorgeous images next to the water, which is always a thrill for this Pisces photographer, I love being by the water and photographing people by the water.

Simply stunning

I really could not believe how stunning and kind this couple was, and I could not believe how incredibly beautiful Paris looked on this cloudy morning. I so enjoyed working with them!


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